Current account

Current account

Ideal for making SWIFT transfers, including online, via Privat24 Internet Bank, and also makes it possible to receive funds from individuals and legal entities.


Opening is free
Replenishment is free
Current account replenishment by cashless transfer is free
Transfer from a current account to "Universalna Card», «Universalna Gold Card», «Premium Cards», «Internet Card», "Junior Card" is free
The fee charged for monitoring a current and inactive account is UAH 20 per month, incl. VAT, but not exceeding the remaining balance on your account
Withdrawing funds at the bank’s cash desk
  • national currency: 1% of the withdrawal amount min 5 hryvnias
  • foreign currency: 1% of the withdrawal amount min eq. 1 unit of currency in hryvnia at the NBU exchange rate
Money transfer to the payment card 1% is charged to current accounts of private individuals (0.5% of which, max. UAH 500, is charged to a current account and 0.5%, max. UAH 50, shall be paid by a recipient for no-purpose replenishment of a payment card).
Transfer from a current account to a deposit is a Transfer fee
Utility and other payments from current accounts made in Privat24 is a Transfer fee
SWIFT transfer (from Ukraine abroad) from a current account is Transfer fee
SWIFT transfer (within Ukraine) is a Transfer fee
Enrolment of SWIFT transfer to a current account is a Transfer fee

Current account

USD (U.S. dollar)

EUR (Euro)

RUR (Russian ruble)

GBP (Pound sterling)

PLZ (Polish zloty)

CHF (Swiss frank)

UAH (Ukrainian hryvnya)

How do I open a current account?

How do I open a current account?

Contact any bank branch.

If you are not a client of PrivatBank yet, take your passport with you or the document that replaces it (the document itself, not a copy), and the tax identification number (TIN).

Existing clients (if the data in the bank’s database are updated) only need to have a phone with them.

Find the branch

Account requisites

Account requisites

It is possible to get the requisites of the current account online through the Privat24 Internet bank.

For more information about the requisites for receiving SWIFT transfers, follow the link.



«Online Help» Chat in Privat24 (mobile and web).

Phone: +38 (073) 900 00 04 (from 9:00 to 21:00) – private telephone line.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can a current account of an individual be used to make payments to an individual entrepreneur?

No. The current account can only be used to conduct transactions of individuals not related to entrepreneurial business.

How to close a current account?

You can submit an application on closing your account to the chatbot “Help Online” or apply at the Bank’s branch.

Application on closing a current account

In which channels can I open a current account?

You can open your current account at a PrivatBank branch.

How can I replenish my current account?

Your current account can be replenished in cash at a PrivatBank branch or by making a cashless transfer.

Where can I withdraw cash from my current account?

You can withdraw cash at the cash desk of a PrivatBank branch.

In what channels can I make cashless transfers from my current account?

Cashless transfers (money transfers to cards, deposits, utility and other payments) can be made from your current account via Privat24 (in the web-version or in the mobile app).

How to make a SWIFT transfer from my current account?

A SWIFT transfer from your current account can be made via Privat24 (in the web-version or in the mobile app) or at a PrivatBank branch.