Applications and Calls sections in the Privat24 app

The sections where we store your applications sent to the Bank, as well as bank calls you took.

What does the «Applications» section contain?

The «Applications» section contains your applications sent to the Bank, when the issue could not be resolved immediately, and an application was made based on it. 
For example, a situation could happen when you withdrew funds from an ATM, and the ATM did not dispense part of the funds. You called 3700, an employee applied for a refund, and advised you to wait. Uncertainty and waiting always bring unpleasant feelings. Therefore, we implemented an option that allows you to monitor your applications and find out decisions made online by means of the Privat24 app.

How to monitor stages and results of application processing?

Log in the Privat24 app, go to the «Settings» →  «Communication» → «Applications» menu. Applications for the last 28 days will be displayed on the screen by default. For your convenience, there is an option where you can set a filter by date at the top right.

What applications are available for viewing in the Privat24 app?

Currently, you can check the following in the Privat24 app:

  • applications for refund of a failed transaction at an ATM or self-service terminal;
  • applications with questions when paying or sending money and SWIFT transfers;
  • applications for refund of utility payments;
  • refund applications for a payment that are sent by mistake to a third party's card;
  • applications that are sent to the technical unit;
  • applications for incoming correspondence (letters and e-mails that are sent to the Bank);
  • applications for document verification;
  • complaints.

What does the «Calls» section contain?

The «Calls» section contains «Incoming» and «Missed» bank calls.

When you missed a bank call, but would like to know the reason for the call, or when you answered the call and want to make sure that it was the Bank that called, you can go to the “Calls” section and find out the information.

How to check bank calls?

Log in the Privat24 mobile app, go to «Settings» →  «Communication» →  «Calls» menu, click on the call and view its details.

What are the minimum requirements for using the «Applications» and «Calls» sections?

Please check the minimum necessary requirements of the operating system for the correct operation of functionality: Android 6.15.00 and IOS 20.08.31.