Money transfers by INTELEXPRESS

Money transfers by INTELEXPRESS

The worldwide money-transfer system INTELEXPRESS enables individuals to interchange money transfers in more than 70 countries in the world.

Country Fee paid by Clients
Georgia 1.00%
Kazakhstan 1.00%
Armenia 1.00%
Tajikistan 1.00%
Moldova 1.00%
Albania 2%; min: 5
Belgium 1.80%
Bulgaria 1.80% min: 5
United Kingdom 1.00%
Germany 1.80%
Greece 1.50%
Cyprus 1.50%
Denmark 1.50%
Spain 1.80%
Italy 1.80%
Netherlands 1.80%
Norway 1.80%
Turkey 2% min:6 EUR/USD
France 2.00%
Czech Republic 1.50%
Switzerland 1.80%
Sweden 1.80%
Romania BCR 2.3% min: 5
Romania S&S 1.8% min: 2
Bangladesh Indonesia Philippines 0.01-50 3 USD/EUR
50.01-100 5 USD/EUR
100.01-200 7 USD/EUR
200.01-300 9 USD/EUR
300.01-400 11 USD/EUR
400.01-500 13 USD/EUR
500.01-750 16 USD/EUR
750.01-1000 19 USD/EUR
1000.01-1250 22 USD/EUR
1250.01-1500 25 USD/EUR
1500.01-1750 28 USD/EUR
1750.01-2000 30 USD/EUR
Israel 1.50%
Mongolia 1.50%
Nepal 1.5% min 5 USD
Ecuador 1.80%
Argentina 1.80%
Bolivia 1.80%
Brazil 1.5% min 5 USD
Venezuela 1.50%
Guatemala 1.5% min 5 USD
Honduras 1.5% min 5 USD
Dominican Republic 1.5% min 5 USD
Columbia 1.5% min 5 USD
Costa Rica 1.5% min 5 USD
Panama 1.5% min 5 USD
Paraguay 1.80%
Peru 1.80%
El Salvador 1.5% min 5 USD
Chile 1.80%
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How can I transfer money?

How can I transfer money?
  • Via Privat24 system;
  • In any branch of PrivatBank;
  • By calling 3700.

You can find more detailed information in the Section “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does INTELEXPRESS Money Transfer Control Number look like?

Money Transfer Control Number consists of digits and Latin alphabet letters.

What currency can I send and receive INTELEXPRESS money transfer in?

In U.S. dollars, euro.

What language should I mention beneficiary details upon sending in?

All details of the money transfer beneficiary should be mentioned with Latin alphabet letters.

How can I receive money at the PrivatBank branch?

Step 1. Show PrivatBank card or passport and Tax Identification Number certificate to pass identification.
Step 2. Say Money Transfer Control Number, sender’s first and last name, country of sending and transfer amount.
Step 3. Receive money transferred to your card or at the cash desk.

How can I receive money via Privat24?

Step 1. Login Privat24 (
Step 2. Choose in “All Services” menu “Transfers” → “To receive transfer” → “INTEL EXPRESS”.
Step 3. Enter Money Transfer Control Number, amount and choose the currency of the transfer.
Step 4. Choose the card, to which you want to receive money.
Step 5. Transfer is accomplished!

You can check it up in “Transfers” menu → “Transfer Archive”.

How can I receive money by calling 3700?

Step 1. Call 3700.
Step 2. Contact an operator (“0” digit at tone dialling after language choice option).
Step 3. Tell the operator all details required to receive the transfer.
Step 4. Tell the operator on which card you want money transfer to be accounted.
Step 5. Wait till the operator confirms that money are successfully accounted on your card.

What are contact details in case of questions about INTELEXPRESS system?

  • you can call PrivatBank Client Support 3700;
  • or write down a message in the on-line chat;
  • IntelExpress System Client Support for the Russian-speaking Clients +380443383650

How to receive a transfer?

The department of PrivatBank

Step 1. Address to any department of PrivatBank.
Step 2. Specify the data for the transfer.
Step 3. Add the transfer amount and the shipping fee at the cash desk.
Step 4. Receive the application with the tracking number of the transfer and tell it to the recipient.

In case of transfer of an amount exceeding the equivalent of UAH 15 000, it may be necessary to open a current account and provide additional documents.


Step 1. Log in to Privat24 (
Step 2. Select in the tab page “All services” a menu item "Transfers " → "Send transfer".
Step 3. Select the country where you want to send the transfer, the currency of the transfer and enter the amount.
Step 4. Choose a money transfer system → «INTELEXPRESS».
Step 5. Fill in the fields that the transfer system requires.
Step 6. Select the card from which you want to make a transfer.
Step 7. Confirm the transfer of money. Transfer sent!

You can check it in menu "Transfers" → "Transfer Archive".

The self-service terminal of PrivatBank

Step 1. Log in with the a card.
Step 2. Select a menu item "Banking Services" → "Send Money Transfer" → "INTELEXPRESS".
Step 3. Fill in the fields required by the selected transfer system.
Step 4. Choose the method of payment for the transfer. Take in the cash or choose payment with a card.
Step 5. Done. Your transfer has been sent. Receive the tracking number of the transfer, which must be notified to the recipient. You can print a check.

By calling 3700

Step 1. Call number 3700.
Step 2. Contact the operator (figure zero in the dial tone after selecting the language).
Step 3. Inform the operator all the necessary data for the transfer.
Step 4. Tell the operator of the OTP password, which came to your mobile phone.
Step 5. Wait for the operator to confirm that the money were successfully written off the card.