Mobile Money Transfers from Poland to Ukraine

Send funds without visiting the Bank’s branches, using the myRia mobile app and Euronet ATM network

Essence of the proposal

Essence of the proposal

An incredible opportunity for migrant workers or those who visited Poland for a short period of time.

You can send money to close relatives in Ukraine or to your personal account without visiting branches, and sometimes without opening accounts in the Bank of Poland.

Make a payment in the mobile app and pay at one of Euronet ATMs.

In a few minutes a recipient in Ukraine will be able to deposit funds using the Privat24 mobile app without time limits.

How does it work?

For senders
For recipients

1. Download the myRia mobile app
2. Pass a simple registration
3. Specify the details of transfer
4. Turn to the nearest Euronet ATM (over 8,000 in Poland)
5. Confirm the transaction with a bar code and send money in an affordable way (card / cash).

Rates for sending money transfers

Sending amount ( PLN )Commission (PLN)
up to 30004

Download the mobile app

Download the mobile app

With the myRia app you can check the rates, the status of your transfers and find the nearest place to send and receive money in real time.

My Ria app
My Ria app

If you have any questions:

If you have any questions:

Support service in Poland speaks Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English, available from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m., tel. +48223070146.

For questions on the crediting of funds to PrivatBank call the toll-free number 3700.