A real payment card and a pass to the school of financial literacy for your child

Junior Card

Junior Card

Dear parents! We would like to invite your child to Junior Bank - the financial educational program of PrivatBank for schoolchildren from 6 to 17 years old.

There your child will learn how to use banking services and reasonably manage his/her pocket money.

Junior Card is the first step towards your child's financial literacy!

With Junior Card, your child can:

With Junior Card, your child can:
  • get education in banking at www.juniorbank.ua;
  • attend exciting business quests, excursions to the bank, study at the Business School, where the top managers of PrivatBank teach;
  • receive bonuses when paying for goods in the stores that are partners of the Bonus Plus loyalty program;
  • Participate in competitions, contests and promotions organized by JuniorBank jointly with MasterCard.

Service rates

Characteristic Terms and conditions
Cost of registration UAH 0
Payment for goods and services at retail outlets and on the Internet UAH 0
Payment by card to an account of a legal entity (payment within Ukraine). 4% for transfers from credit funds or 1% (min UAH 3, max UAH 1,000) for transfers from own funds
Additionally UAH 8 will be charged, if payment is made by phone
Your benefit: interest accrued on the card balance exceeding UAH 100,% (subject to availability of such amount on the card during a calendar month) 7% per annum (activation of the deposit option of the card in Privat24, "My accounts" section, or at PrivatBank's ATM)
The opportunity to set a credit limit on the card with the consent of the parents maximum UAH 300
Grace period for credit usage 55 days – free of charge
Base % rate per month after the expiration of a grace period 3.6% *
Mandatory monthly payment not less than UAH 30 and not more than the outstanding balance
Monthly payments deadline by the 25th day of the month following the reporting one
Fee for withdrawal of own funds - at ATMs and cash points of PrivatBank and other banks of Ukraine - 1%
- at ATMs and cash points abroad - 2%
Fee for cash withdrawing at PrivatBank ATMs in the equivalent of more than UAH 50,000 per calendar month 1%
Fee for withdrawal of credit funds at ATMs and cash points of PrivatBank, any Ukrainian and foreign banks, as well as for quasi-cash transactions up to UAH 100: UAH 7
100-200: UAH 12
200-300: UAH 18
Penalty for delay in payment of the loan and / or interest. The penalty is charged on the day of writing off of interest Penalty = 0.24% (accrued for each day of delay instead of the base interest rate).
Card replenishment without using the card (including crediting the remainder of more than UAH 50). at the cash desk - UAH 5
at the self-service terminal - 0.5% of the amount (minimum UAH 5) **
Cash withdrawal without the presence of a card at the cash desk UAH 2
Fee for monitoring the expired card on which there were no transactions for 6 consecutive months (there are no other active cards) more than 12 months ago – UAH 100 per year,
- more than 24 months ago – UAH 500 per year,
but not more than the card balance
Fee for getting a balance receipt at ATM and self-service terminal of PrivatBank (other than cash withdrawal receipt) UAH 3
Fee for withdrawing money in order to top-up your mobile account +1% - at the expense of credit funds
Fee for monitoring the inactive Bonus Plus account of your card (when there are no transactions on Bonus Plus account for the 500 days in a row and there are no active cards) UAH 100 for the first year and UAH 500 for each subsequent year, but no more than Bonus Plus account balance.
Penalty for failure to fulfill obligations in accordance with the terms and conditions of banking services 0.24% (accrued for each day of delay instead of the base interest rate).
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* For all expenses made before April 1, 2015, interest is accrued at the old rate of 2.9%= until the amount withdrawn from the credit funds before April 1, 2015 is returned to the card in full.
** For cardholders of PrivatBank there is a promotional rate of 0.2% of the amount (minimum UAH 2).

With the Junior Card you can:

With the Junior Card you can:
  • rest assured that your child’s money is safe - the child’s funds will be safely stored in “electronic wallet”;
  • replenish the card in any branch of PrivatBank or via the Privat24 Internet-bank at any time in the comfort of your home;
  • control all your child's expenses by means of SMS-notification;
  • to set the amount of credit limit or to determine the daily spending limit on the card;
  • set a regular fund transfer from your card to Junior card.

How to receive a free Junior card?

How to receive a free Junior card?

To receive a card you need:

  • birth certificate of a child (a certificate issued outside Ukraine is allowed);
  • taxpayer ID number (required for children from 14 years old);
  • electronic passport (ID-card) (from 14 years old) or general civil passport (from 16 years old);
  • the parents hold a Universal card and the child has a personal phone number.

You can apply for a Junior Card with or without a child to the nearest branch of PrivatBank.

Monitor your child's spending with a Junior Card!

7% per annum on your own assets balance on a Junior Card

Your child can accumulate money on a Junior Card and receive income in the amount of 7% per annum on his/her own assets balance exceeding UAH 100 (the money will be credited to a bonus account of the card). For this purpose you need to activate the deposit function of the card by means of Privat24 or via ATM.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “base interest rate”?

This is an amount of interest monthly accrued on the outstanding balance on the basis of a 360-day year.

What does monthly compulsory payment include?

An interest accrued for the last (reporting) month and a fee charged at the end of the reporting month.

Is it possible to connect Junior Card to SMS-informing?

SMS-informing for Junior Card is connected immediately upon card activation to primary (financial) phone of a child and one of the parents.

Which credit limit can be set for Junior Card?

Parents can choose credit limit for their child up to UAH 300. The source of repayment will be Universal Card of one of the parents. If Junior Card holder withdraws credit limit and fails to replenish the card in time, the bank will repay the required amount from the card of one of the parents.

What are the ways of Junior Card replenishment?

Junior Card can be replenished by:
• regular payment from the card of one of the parents;
• transferring funds via Privat24;
• transferring funds via self-service terminal;
• sending to number 10060 a command SEND[amount]UAH+[last 4 digits of the card of one of the parents]+[Junior Card number]. Example: SEND54UAH+1111+4444222233335555;
• visiting any bank branch.

What is Business School?

JuniorBank’s Business School is a school of financial literacy for children. At Business School trainings, a child will gain leadership and independent behavior skills, learn how to build startups and efficient communications, get knowledge of banking services and products.

How to become a student of Business School?

To become a student of Business School, it is enough to obtain Junior Card, register on the website of JuniorBank (www.juniorbank.ua) and apply for training. Students of Business School can be pupils aged 10 to 16 years old.

What is Business Quest?

Business Quest is an exciting interactive lesson for children, the essence of which lies in solving the financial puzzle. During the quest, a child will learn how the real bank is arranged, which banking services it provides and have fun.

What is Bank Excursion?

During a bank excursion, a child will learn about main banking jobs; get knowledge of how to use Junior Card, bank mobile applications; find out how to properly dispose of money.

How to take part in a bank excursion or a business quest?

To take part in a bank excursion or a business quest, you must file an application for participation on the website http://juniorbank.com.ua/ in Section “Education”, by choosing a location on the map.

Which useful information can be found on the website of JuniorBank?

On the website of JuniorBank www.juniorbank.ua you can find:
• information about promotions and competitions;
• application forms;
• latest news from JuniorBank.