Effecting the transaction:

from 1 to 3 banking days

In PrivatBank you can pay for utilities and any other services. Here are the "default" fees, but you can pay for the services of the great majority of the enterprises (regional gas utilities, water service company, etc.) at lower fees or even free of charge (depending on the contract, the company concluded with PrivatBank).


Branch * Privat24 ** Self-service terminal/ATM Free phone number 3700

Standard tariff is Non-Contractual (there is no contract with the recipient)

1% (min 25 UAH, max 1000 UAH) 3 UAH 1% (min 10 UAH, max 1000 UAH) up to 500 UAH - 40 UAH from 500 UAH - 1%, (min 25 UAH, max 1000 UAH) + 20 UAH

Standard tariff is Contractual (there is a contract with the recipient)***

1% (min 15 UAH, max 500 UAH) 1 UAH 1% (min 5 UAH, max 500 UAH) up to 500 UAH - 30 UAH from 500 to 1000 UAH - 35 UAH from 1000 - 1 % (min 15, max 200 UAH) + 20 UAH
* Additional transaction fee for non-clients (unidentified clients) of PrivatBank is 15 UAH for the sum of up to 1 000 UAH; 1% (min 15 UAH, max 200 UAH) for the sum from 1 000 UAH.
**The fee may differ from the standard one depending on the terms of agreement. For budgetary payments (taxes, fines, duties, etc.) the fee is 1% (min 3 UAH, max 200 UAH).
If the payment purpose is topping up a card of another bank using account details (via IBAN card account), the fee is 0,5% (min 5 UAH).
*** The commission fee may differ from the standard one and depends on the terms of the contract with the recipient.
The retired client in Privat24 makes without commissions utility or telecommunication payments in the amount of up to UAH 2,000 per month (inclusive) and not less than 10 payments.The client is considered to be a pensioner if there have been targeted pension transfers to the PrivatBank pension card over the past 30 days.
For payments to utility and telecommunication companies in the amount of up to 10 000 UAH per month, the commission fee for the use of credit funds is NOT charged.
The commission for using credit funds is not charged for payments to the account of companies under terms of the standard Contractual tariff (details of such companies in Privat24 cannot be entered manually, but put down automatically by finding the company by name or in the lists of partners).
For the use of credit funds, an additional commission fee of 3% is charged from the Universal card or 2% from the premium card upon any of the following:
  • the limit of 10 000 UAH is exceeded;
  • payments to the account of non-municipal enterprises;
  • payments without a contract (there is no contract with the recipient).
If you pay with cards of other banks, the additional commission fee in Privat24 is 2.75%, in the self-service terminal - 1%. Commission fee for payments via the recipient's website – 1%, min 1 UAH from the payment amount.
Commission fee on payments to accounts opened in PrivatBank as replenishment of financial assistance/interest-free lending (financing): 4% of the payment amount, but not less than 100.00 UAH