Protecting and simplifying your calls to customer support

You don’t need to waste time on answering standard security questions. We’ll recognize you by your voice.

What's Voice Biometrics?

It is the technology which creates customers’ biometric voice casts and allows to identify a person by the set of certain unique features of his/her voice; the technology provides the additional safety for accounts and for personal data protection.

How does Voice Biometrics work?

How does Voice Biometrics work?

You make a call to customer support and start talking to a virtual assistant or agent. And, in a few seconds, while you are describing your reason for the call, the system recognizes that it is you and not someone else. It simplifies and to a great extent speeds up servicing as an operator does not ask any additional questions.

Voice Biometrics it is convenient

You do not have to remember any personal data (like your passport series, account, card, or contract numbers) to make a transaction with customer support.

Requires no additional effort: while you are describing your issue, we are – inconspicuously for you- recognizing you by your voice.

Conversation time is reduced: in most cases you do not need to answer questions of an operator, you are consulted right away.

Therefore, the customer voice recognition system allows to increase the security of telephone servicing without asking standard additional questions.

And it is safe

And it is safe

No one but you can make a risky transaction by calling at 3700.

  • The bank converts your voice print into a digital code which is stored and compared with your voice when you make a call to customer support.
  • The security of settlements is ensured by the comparison of the voice print with the customer’s voice at the time of the call.


About Personal Data Processing

How to record a voice cast in Privat24

How to record a voice cast in Privat24
  • At a bank branch
  • In the “Help Online” chat
  • At 3700
  • In Privat24


From what moment will the data be processed?

  • The JSC CB “PrivatBank” will start processing personal data only from the moment of receiving your consent.
  • If you do not wish your personal data to be processed, you can refuse and delete your voice cast in Privat24 or call Contact Center at 3700, in “Help Online” chat or at a bank branch, you will be able to use our services but without biometric data.
  • You can also revoke your consent to biometric data processing. But please note, in this case you will not be able to use the advantages of the Voice Biometrics technology in the course of your consultations in the Contact Center.

Can personal data be transferred to third parties?

The JSC CB “PrivatBank” is not intended to transfer the indicated personal data to any third parties, but the bank may transfer such data to the persons who have received the relevant permits in the cases and in the manner stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine.

For how long will the data be processed?

Biometric data of your voice will be processed and stored for three years, then, you will need to make a voice cast recording again to use the advantages of Voice Biometrics.

What are the security measures for data processing?

  • Personal data will be processed along with your other customer data kept at the JSC CB “PrivatBank”.
  • All personal data will be protected pursuant to the legislation of Ukraine and at the same security level as banking secrecy and other confidential information of a commercial bank.
  • Access to your personal data will be granted only to those particular employees of the JSC CB “PrivatBank” who have passed the appropriate assessment and polygraphic testing.

How to revoke my consent to biometric data processing?

You can always revoke your consent in Privat24 or call customer support at 3700, in “Help Online” chat or at a bank branch

Will my voice be recognized if I get sick?

In the case of minor physiological deviations (hoarseness, stuffy nose, etc.) and in the event of any extraneous noises, the features of the technology allow to confirm a customer's identity by his/her voice. If the system is still unable to confirm the customer’s identity by voice, an operator of the Contact Center will provide you with the information when you are verified by asking standard security questions.