Spoko money transfers

Spoko is a service for instant transfer of money from all EU countries at a favorable exchange rate.
Send money from any VISA/Mastercard card. Get them in Ukraine, credited to your card or in cash.

Spoko fees for money transfers to Ukraine

The price for transfers in any amount is fixed at 9,90 PLN/2,25 EUR.
The funds are transferred round-the-clock within a few minutes.

Send money transfers to Ukraine without visiting the bank branches

Send money transfers to Ukraine without visiting the bank branches

A transfer can be made via mobile app or at our website.

You can withdraw the balance remaining on your Polish card using the BLIK function. It works even if you have already came back to Ukraine and have no access to the phone number linked to the card!

Money in EUR or PLN can be sent from any VISA/Mastercard card.

How to receive money

The transfer can be credited to the card automatically or received via the following channels:

  • Privat24;
  • self-service terminal;
  • PrivatBank ATM;
  • mobile app;
  • PrivatBank branch;
  • 3700 hotline.

Frequently asked questions

Is Spoko a participant of PrivatMoney system?

Yes, it is. It operates through a partner organization BP Remit Ltd.

What currencies are available for sending and receiving Spoko transfers?

Money can be sent in EUR or PLN, and received in EUR, USD, and UAH.

How do I fill in a receiver information while sending a transfer?

All receiver information should be filled in Latin letters.

What is the minimum/maximum amount of funds that can be sent via Spoko system?

Minimum transfer amount – 1 PLN/1 EUR

One operation limit – 2000 PLN/500 EUR

Monthly limit – 20000 PLN/5000 EUR

How can a client correct data of a transfer recipient?

Please contact Customer Support Service: support@spoko.app

How can I contact Spoko?

Need help? Mail us at support@spoko.app or use the chat at our website.


Customer Support Service works Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 till 23.00 (GMT)