Packaged offers for IT specialists

Individual cards for IT specialists


Key benefits for IT entrepreneurs

Opening an account – no charge.

Making payments to the budget (paying taxes, etc.) – no charge.

Payments to another bank – 0 UAH*.

Settlement and cash services (monthly subscription) – 0 UAH *

Transfer of funds from the sole proprietor's account to the Payment card – 0,35%*, to the premium card – no charge.

The opportunity to get a free premium Platinum / Signature card.

* For more details, please refer to the link.

To connect the IT Expert pricing package, you should follow the requirements below:

  1. To have a current account of the entrepreneur in PrivatBank;
  2. the main type of activity (KVED) must correspond to the IT industry:
62.01 Computer programming services;
62.02 (72.10.0) Informatization consulting services;
Activities related to databases;
72.21.0 Development of standard software;
72.22.0 Other activities in the field of software development;
63.11 Data processing, hosting and related activities;
58.21 Publishing of computer games;
58.29 Other software publishing services;
62.09 Other information technology and computer service activities;
62.03 Computer facilities management activities;
63.12 Web portal services;
72.60.0 Other activities in the field of informatization;
74.10 Specialized design activities;
74.20 Photographic activities.
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Available IT Expert service packages

IT Expert GOLD
IT Expert Platinum
IT Expert Premium

Gold tier card – an international payment card of PrivatBank giving you option to receive free service from a personal banker at your convenience. Cards in any currency (UAH, USD, EUR, RUB) may be opened freely.

Card with a design – issue and delivery of a card with an individual design (chip, PayPass) – no charge!

  • You can choose the design and data you want to see on the card.
  • You can hide card number, expiration date, CVV code, first and last name.
  • The currency of the Payment card with a design is hryvnia/US dollar/euro.
  • The currency of the Universal card with a design is hryvnia.
  • The card with a design can be with a separate balance or additional to your existing card.

A free card with a design is issued with a promo code, to receive a promo code write to

After contacting you will be sent an email with a promo code and instructions for remote ordering.