Withdraw cash at any ATM in Ukraine free of charge.

What is a Card for Pay-outs?

What is a Card for Pay-outs?

You can receive any cash inflows to your Card for Pay-outs: salary, pension, advances, traveling allowance, scholarship, all types of social assistance, birth grants, as well as money transfers.

Withdraw cash at any ATM in Ukraine free of charge.

Gold Card for Pay-outs

Gold Card for Pay-outs

Gold Card for Pay-outs is not only a convenient payment instrument but also the proof of your success and well-being.

With a Gold Card for Pay-outs you become a member of PrivatBank GOLD Club and receive a number of benefits.

Simple and free issuance

Simple and free issuance

The card issue in the bank will last for only 15 minutes. The documents required for obtaining a card are your passport and taxpayer ID number.

You will be served at any branch!
PrivatBank has the largest branch network among commercial banks of Ukraine. You can ask questions concerning your Card for Pay-outs at any branch, not only at the one where you have received your card! Employees of all branches will be glad to help you!

You can also apply for a Card for Pay-outs with your name, surname and photo. The card supports PayPass technology and allows you to pay for purchases with one sweep, without presenting your identity documents, including abroad.
Fee for card issuance is UAH 100.
Fee for the issuance of Gold Card for Pay-outs is UAH 150.

Rates for Payments Cards in national currency

Payment card
Gold Payment card
Currency UAH, USD, EUR ,RUB
Issue and reissue:
6 cards per year (3 cards for an additional cardholder) Free of charge
More than 6 cards per year (more than 3 cards for an additional cardholder) 100 UAH
Card maintenance Free of charge*
Issue of a card with a photo UAH 100
Fee for card replenishment:
Replenishment from deposits Read more on the deposits page
Crediting of money transfers, Swift Read more on the transfers page
Fee for replenishing the card in Privat24 via cashless payment from own cards, by means of self-service terminal, at bank cash desk, via cashless payment from third parties 0.5 % of the amount
Card replenishment (including crediting the remainder of more than UAH 50).

at a cash desk

  • Cardholder (with and without a card) - 0.2% min - UAH 5
  • non-cardholder - 0.5% min - UAH 5

Digital cards:

  • cardholder - free of charge;
  • non-cardholder - 0.5%, minimum UAH 5.

at the self-service terminal - without using a card - 0.5% of the amount (minimum UAH 5)

For cardholders of PrivatBank there is a promotional rate of 0.2% of the amount (minimum UAH 2).

Fee for non-cash payments:
Payment by card at retail outlets and online stores Free of charge
To a Universal/Universal Gold Card Free of charge
Transfer to a card from any bank, worldwide Read more on the transfers page
To a PrivatBank account of a legal entity
Payments in Privat24 Read more on the page of Privat24 Internet Bank
Fee for cash withdrawal:
at any ATM in Ukraine and at PrivatBank cash points and ATMs Free of charge
Fee for cash withdrawal at ATMs and cash points abroad 2%
SMS banking Free of charge
SMS notification of special purpose receipts and other card transactions when connecting the service via ATM or Privat24 Free of charge
Receipt of a statement / certificate in Privat24 Free of charge
Providing card statements at the bank branch for any period UAH 100
Fee for balance enquiry at PrivatBank ATMs and self-service terminals (other than cash withdrawal receipt) UAH 3
Fee for monitoring an expired card with no transactions for 6 consecutive months (no other active cards) more than 12 months ago – UAH 100 per year,
- more than 24 months ago – UAH 500 per year,
but not more than the card balance
Cash withdrawal without a card

At a cash desk - 0,2%, min. UAH 5 (withdrawal from a Digital card or with a QR code is free of charge)

From an ATM - - UAH 2(withdrawal with a QR code is free of charge)

Unauthorized overdraft rates:
Unauthorized overdraft interest rate (applies to debts on card accounts for which no overdraft facility is provided) 3.6% per month of the amount of unauthorized overdraft
Mandatory monthly payment 100% of unauthorized overdraft debt
Interest rate that applies if unauthorized overdraft is not repaid by the last day of the month following the month of unauthorized overdraft occurrence (as per part 2 of Art. 625 of the Civil Code of Ukraine) 7.2% per month of the amount of unauthorized overdraft
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Universal Card

Universal Card

Along with a Card for Pay-outs you can get a Universal Card, which will give you the opportunity to use both your own money on the card and the credit funds of the bank. Being a payment instrument, a Universal Сard has all the same benefits as a Card for Pay-outs!

With the Universal Card you will be able to:

  • get a credit limit of up to UAH 50,000 with a grace period.
  • use credit funds free of charge for up to 55 days.

Frequently asked questions

How fast will the money be credited to the Card for Pay-outs?

PrivatBank loads salary to the cards within 2-3 hours after the company transfers money to the bank. If the salary is not on the card in due time:

Step 1. Check the card balance by means of Privat24, ATM, SMS-banking mobile application or SMS command.

Step 2. Check with the company's accountant, the pension or social fund, whether the money has been transferred or not.

Step 3. Ask your colleagues whether they have received their salary or not.

Step 4. Check by means of ATM, self-service terminal or by SMS command, whether the card is active and whether there is a blocking.

Step 5. If your card has expired, contact any PrivatBank's branch to reissue the card. If your card is blocked, follow the instructions below (item No. 6).

How to control the money flow on the Card for Pay-outs?

Control the money flow on the card in any of the following ways:
  • By using the SMS-notification service.
  • In Privat24 - menu "My accounts" / "Card statements".
  • Download the Viber application on your smartphone and receive notifications about all card transactions by means of it.
  • Communicate your e-mail to the bank and receive a letter after each expense from the card.

A payment that I did not make was debited from the card. What shall I do?

If you do not agree with the debiting:
  • Check that there are no regular payments linked to your card that you have forgotten about.
  • Check if you have any overdue loan debts with PrivatBank.
  • Review statements for additional cards if you have any.
  • Contact any branch of PrivatBank for professional advice.

How do I change the cash withdrawal limit on my card?

For security reasons a daily ATM withdrawal limit (cash limit) of UAH 5,000 (or equivalent in USD or EUR) is set on the Card for Pay-outs.

You can change your daily cash withdrawal limit:
  • In Privat24 - the menu "My accounts" / "Changing the cash limit".
  • Via "SMS-banking" mobile application or by SMS-banking command.
  • By calling customer support at 3700 (toll-free for mobile calls).
  • Via PrivatBank's ATM in the menu "Card transactions" / "Additional Services" / "Changing the cash limit within the card balance".
  • At any branch of PrivatBank.

Can I pay for online purchases with my Card for Pay-outs?

With any PrivatBank card you can pay online conveniently and free of charge. Before making payments in online stores we recommend you to check whether your card is open for online payments (this can be done in Privat24 in "My accounts"> "Card / account management"> "Payment online"). You can also close or reopen a card for risky online transactions by means of Privat24.

For safety reasons, set an Internet limit, i.e. an amount beyond which you cannot spend from the card during the calendar month during the calendar month (the limit is valid only for risky Internet transactions). On the first day of every month, the limit will be revolved, and you will be able to redeem this amount again.

How do I block or unblock my Card for Pay-outs?

You can block or unblock your Card for Pay-outs:
  • In Privat24 - menu "My accounts" / "Card blocking/unblocking".
  • Via "SMS-banking" mobile application or by SMS-banking command.
  • By calling customer support at 3700 (toll-free for mobile calls).
  • Via PrivatBank's ATM in the menu "Card transactions"/ "Additional Services" / "Block / Unblock a card".
  • At any branch of PrivatBank.

Where can I change the PIN of my Card for Pay-outs?

You can change the PIN:
  • at ATMs («Other transactions» - «My settings» - «Change of the PIN code»);
  • at self-service terminal ("My settings" - "Change of the PIN code");
  • in Privat24 ("My accounts" select the card - "Card management" - "Change of the PIN code");
  • send an SMS to the number 10060 with the text PIN + XXXX (where XXXXX is the last 4 digits of your card number);
  • at any branch of the bank.

What shall I do if I lose my card?

In case of loss or theft of your card, first block the card so that nobody could use it. Read more in the answer to the question "How do I block or unblock my Card for Pay-outs?". After blocking, please contact any branch of PrivatBank to reissue the card.

In what currency may a Card for Pay-outs be issued?

Cards for special-purpose pay-outs (salary, scholarship, pension, social assistance) are issued in UAH. At your discretion a Card in foreign currency (USD, RUB, EUR) may be issued for other settlements. It should be noted that all Cards for Pay-outs are multi-currency - this means that you can withdraw money from your card in a currency other than the currency in which the card is issued.