Internet Card is a virtual card for online shopping.

Issuance, maintenance and online purchases are free of charge.

Buying is easy

Buying is easy
  1. Issue an Internet card in Privat24.
  2. Replenish the card.
  3. Select a product on a website.
  4. Enter the card data on the site and click "Pay".

Payment by cards in the Internet

Payment by cards in the Internet
  • Card types are Visa and MasterCard.
  • Card currency is UAH, USD, EUR.
  • Card validity period is 10 years.
  • Instant card.
  • Internet limit is the equivalent of USD 10,000 (by default).

Pay safely

Pay safely

Internet cards are protected by MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa technologies. Before buying you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code. Do not tell it to anyone.

Never disclose the data of your Internet Card: number, expiration date and CVV2 code to third-parties.


Rate name Rate
Registration cost Free of charge
Card usage fee Free of charge
Fee per transaction Free of charge
Fee for currency conversion when performing transactions abroad Learn more free of charge
Payment by card to a PrivatBank account of a legal entity (payment within Ukraine) Read more on the payments page
Utility and other payments
Payment by card to a legal entity’s account in another Ukrainian bank (payment within Ukraine) Read more on the transfers page
Transfer to a card of any Ukrainian bank
Transfer to a Mastercard card of any foreign bank
Transfer to a Visa card of any foreign bank
Mobile phone top-up
Transfer to a card / account in PrivatBank Read more on the transfers page
Replenishment from deposits Read more on the deposits page
Crediting Swift transfers Read more on the Swift transfers page
Crediting money transfers Read more on the money transfers page
Payment by card at retail outlets and online stores Free of charge
SMS banking Free of charge
Informing clients of all financial transactions on the account, regardless of the amount, via channels: Privat24, Viber, Telegram, e-mail Free of charge
All SMS service (informing of all financial transactions regardless of the amount by sending SMS messages: cash withdrawal, enrollments, cashless payments, etc.) 20 UAH/month
Issuing a certificate / statement on the Internet Card at the bank branch for any period 100 UAH
Receipt of a statement in Privat24 Free of charge
Cash replenishment of an Internet card or virtual account at the self-service terminal - free of charge - replenishment by the cardholder;
- 0.5% of the amount (minimum UAH 5) - replenishment of the card by a third party;
- 0.2% of the amount (minimum UAH 2 ) - replenishment of the card by a third party that is a customer, i.e. a holder of any PrivatBank card (promotional rate)
Unauthorized overdraft rates
Unauthorized overdraft interest rate (applies to debts on card accounts for which no overdraft facility is provided) 3.4% per month of the amount of unauthorized overdraft
Mandatory monthly payment 100% of unauthorized overdraft debt
Interest rate that applies if unauthorized overdraft is not repaid by the last day of the month following the month of unauthorized overdraft occurrence (as per part 2 of Art. 625 of the Civil Code of Ukraine) 6,8% per month of the amount of unauthorized overdraft
Commission for settlement service of inactive accounts for which there were no transactions for 12 consecutive months (all active accounts are missing) UAH 20 per month, but not more than the balance on the account
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How do I get a card?

How do I get a card?

Order a card at Privat24 Internet Bank or Privat24 mobile application.

Method 1.

Choose the "Order a card" option in "My Accounts" menu in Privat24.

Re-log in Privat24.

The card will be automatically added to the "My Accounts" menu.

Click the "CVV Code" in "My Accounts" menu and get your CVV2 in the SMS.

Method 2.

In Privat24 mobile application, click on the "Card Menu" button and select "Order a Card."